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AJ Fisher Metal Fabrication and Design in Eugene, Oregon provides quality, custom metalwork and design services at reasonable prices in a timely manner. AJ Fisher is your one-stop, shop for both design and build processes.

I have almost 10 years experience welding and fabricating vehicle and pedestrian gates as well as ornamental security panels.

I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon in 1996. My focus was metal sculpture with an emphasis on lost wax technique of bronze-casting.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you to create a piece of custom metalwork for your home, business, farm, or yard. If you have a drawing or sketch you'd like to see realized in steel, please contact me. Thanks!
AJ Fisher Metal Fabrication & Design in Eugene, OR provides quality, custom metalwork and design services at reasonable prices. Please contact me for additional information or images. 2012 AJ Fisher Design and
A small garden gate with a Yin-Yan motif by AJ Fisher Design.
Garden gates
This project included two sections of fence paneling and two gates. The main gate pictured here resembles a Japanese tori-type monument. The frame is powder coated steel and the wood is Cedar. �2006 AJ Fisher Design.
Decorative fence panels
This custom stand was built to accomodate office equipment such as a combination printer/scanner/fax, credit card processor, internet router and such. 2007 AJ Fisher Design.
Custom equipment stands for entertainment or office equipment.
This custom bench is for my friend Van. She wanted a compact bench to position in her home by her front door. It is for removing and putting on shoes. 2007 AJ Fisher Design.
Benches for indoors

This custom bench was designed and built by AJ Fisher. 2007 AJ Fisher Design.
Benches for outdoors

This is a picture of a modern dog house inspired by mid century modern residential architecture in the style of Cliff May or Eichler.

Custom pet houses

The panels of this kinetic sculpture rotate within each other.2005 AJ Fisher Design.
Art for your patio or garden
You can e-mail me at to request additional information.

Pricing varies depending on type and scale of project.