This is the frame I originally fabricated for this bar. I used software to help conceptualize the finished product by artificially adding the color panels.
I call this the "Googie Bar" because of the sweeping lines mostly and the use of ball or spherical feet. The modern composition pays homage to Mondrian. It is reasonably light-weight and the top surface could be backlit for extra, dramatic effect.
My concept for a Modern, Googie-inspired bar includes consideration for a milk crate-type module. The bar can accommodate a variety of crates for use as inventory storage to waste and recycling receptacles. 2008-2012 AJ Fisher Design.
This image shows the pull-out, steel drawer panels designed to accomodate typical and plus-sized mike crates on a cantilevered, drawer slide. 2008-2012 AJ Fisher Design.
Googie Bar. 2008-2012 AJ Fisher Design.